Exercise 7 Pocket & Tumblr

Pocket is an online bookmarking application, that can seamlessly bookmark your interests across platforms. Using tags makes it an efficient way to note items for reading at a later stage, or for re-reading when doing research. Some browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, have an addin or extension for Pocket, making it very easy to save references from the browser toolbar.

Tumblr is a microblogging tool, which again, works across all platforms. It allows users to share media and follow each other’s blogs. A bit like Twitter, the dashboard shows a live feed of the blogs that you follow. It allows tagging, and a queuing system for timing the sending of posts.

Set up an account on both Pinterest and Tumblr.

Personalise your Tumblr account, with an avatar, header picture, title, title font etc.

Make sure your personal blog allows access to these and the other social media we have looked at.

In the comments section below, add the URL for each account, along with your student number and name.

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