Mid term presentations

This afternoon’s presentations

#MARK526 Social media marketing 

Sabina’s excellent presentation


Mid Term Project – Consumer Learning

Individual Project – Consumption Journal

The Mid Term Project

set: 8 November 2016          due: 24 November 2016

in class time: 17 November 2016 is for you make your analysis and to prepare your report

ie. There is no formal class this week

For the following week you will keep a diary of consumption activity. This should primarily be your own consumption, but you could observe others, as well. Include EVERYTHING you purchase, from morning to evening.

You will make a full week’s entry, day by day, as part of your report.

The objective of this assignment is for you to develop a reflective and evaluative approach to your own consumption. The approach is interpretive, similar to an anthropologist’s fieldwork diary. Reflecting on your own personal consumption should help you to put yourself in the place of other consumers.

Consumption can cover actual real life consumption, as well as activities online that do not conclude with a purchase.

Consumer behavior concepts from our class, as well as extra readings should be applied to help you interpret and analyze the experience or observation.

Each entry should comprise:

  1. A description of the experience. You may want to include copies of the advertisements or promotions seen. Use your smartphone to take photos in store.
  2. Analysis – Analyze what you think is happening. For example, how does the behaviour fit (or not) with the concepts and theories discussed in class?
  3. Pay particular attention to the theory on
    • segmentation, targeting and positioning
    • consumer motivation and personality
    • consumer perception
    • consumer learning.
    • consumer attitude formation and change

Once the week is finished, make your analysis, and email your report to your instructor  karen.howells@neu.edu.tr 

Remember to add your student number and name at the top of your report.

Feedback on Mid Term Presentations in Social Media Marketing


All presentations have passed and scored highly.

  • All students selected a good choice of media for the product or service.
  • Everyone did an excellent SWOT analysis.
  • There was also a consensus of opinion on the role of ethics and valuing people.

Improvements could have been made by:

  • concentrating on the Guerilla marketing part of the assignment
  • Cutting down the length in terms of words and slides
  • creating more colourful and stylish slides
  • not repeating theory
  • giving analysis
  • not creating a business plan





The Mid Term Exam for Strategic Management

will be at

5:00 – 5:30 pm, Thursday 31 March 2016

in D123

Your exam paper will be given to you.

You must return the completed exam paper exactly one week later,

that is in normal class time the following week:

Thursday 7th April 2016

Bring with you 3 ideas for a company that you will comment on, in regards to their strategic management.

The company you select will be recorded.

NOTE: Please do not expect to analyse extremely well known companies such as Coca Cola, Adidas, Nike, Starbucks, Mercedes etc.