Mid Term Project Guerrilla Marketing Strategy with Social Media

Mid Term Project for Social Media Marketing MARK526

Guerrilla Marketing Plan with extensive use of Social Media

 Set: 15 March 2016           Due: 5 April 2016 (Presentation in Class)

The assignment is to create a PowerPoint slide presentation of 5 to 15 slides to convey your guerrilla marketing strategy for a particular organisation, including analysis of the social media selected.

Presentation time will be 5 to 15 minutes.

The Organisation: Any product or business service

Red-Bull-Minis (1)

Imagine you have finished your business plan for your business, you have weighed up the risks, and have decided to go ahead with your plan. It’s one month before the opening of your business, and you need a marketing strategy.

The assignment is to present to the class your marketing strategy.

Your strategy could include:

  • The product brief
  • The market (as a micro market)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Trends and future growth possibilities
  • Product usage,
    • who is using?
    • why do they use?
    • when do they use?
    • how is it used?
  • Attitudes of customers,
    • Towards product category
    • To the product
    • Do they like the product or not?
    • A unique characteristic of our customers?
  • Description of the purchasing process
  • Buying decision making process
  • Sources of information
  • Who makes the purchase?
  • Who or what may influence the purchase?
  • The competition
    • Primary competitors
    • Secondary competitors
  • Pricing strategy


The important section ************

  • Current promotional strategy
  • Promotion objectives
  • Strategies and themes used
  • Promotional tools
  • Design of materials
  • Timing of promotional activities
  • Market segmenting, targeting and positioning,


Your marketing strategy plan should specify which social media you have decided to include, and mockup of your social media ideas should be specifically mentioned. You can do this with the use of storyboards and rough sketches.

As well as presenting your ideas on the set time, you will also be required to complete your presentation in a slide format (Powerpoint, Prezi), and upload these to a suitable online media (Slideshare, Google Docs, Prezi) and include a URL link for your project in the comments section below.

extra resources: scarb_eesbm7e_ppt_08_GE