Create a poll in Twitter. Maybe about our class, department or university.

Here are the instructions for creating a poll.

remember to use #MARK526

Add the URL for the poll to the comments section below, along with your name and student number.

help:twitter help on poll




Set: 24 February 2017          Due: 3 March 2017

In preparation for upcoming work, it is important that you set up your twitter account ready. If you already have a Twitter account, you might want to create a second account to use in class.

Once your account is created, complete your profile with a photo, page header, and byline. Personalise your settings.

Look for my account, @karenincyprus and follow me.

Follow some other accounts, such as the NEU page @NearEastUniv

Follow the other students in class, as they start to put their user names below in the comments.

In the comments section below, write your student number and name, followed by your new Twitter user name in the form of a URL link to your profile page.

Make at least one tweet, using our course hashtag #MARK526

Make a search of #MARK526 to see the recent tweets with this hashtag.


Different Arrangements for next week’s class

So that we can all try out hosting a Google+ Hangouts on Air, we will be moving to the library.

Class: Tuesday 10th May 2016, meet in the library coffee shop from 4.30 to 5.00, moving onto a booked library room. Bring your laptop

Olatagu Johnson has offered to book the room, and he will add the room number to the comments below.

Before you come to class there are a number of things you need to do on your laptop/

Make sure you can access Google+

  1. Create a new community, as add your instructor and peers to the list by inviting us to join the community.
  2. You need to create yourself a You Tube channel. You must also make sure you verify the channel before class, or it won’t work.
  3. Make sure your Google+ is connected to your You Tube channel
  4. download the latest hangouts plugin hangouts plugin

In class you will get the chance to try out being a host for an online broadcasting channel, hangouts on air.



Assignment 4 – Sentiment Analysis

With reference to Chapter 9 of Tuten, we are going to perform Sentiment Analysis for this final assignment.

Pick a major brand you like with a large social footprint and monitor it across at least seven of these tools or others for a week. Observe differences and similarities between the tools you’ve chosen.

Brand: e.g., McDonalds    

Social monitoring tools
Posts (representative of the channel sampling)
Observations, thoughts
e.g., Hashtags e.g., “I’m craving #McDonaldsFries” e.g., For the most part these are favorable, fan posts and brand-generated posts
Twitter Search   e.g., Same results as previous tool
Same Point    


Take this exercise a step further by capturing and documenting your research across the four questions of the social media monitoring process

Keyword: e.g., McDonaldsFries    
Social monitoring questions Answers Observations & Thoughts
1. How many times was the search term found?    
2. When was the search term found?    
3. Where was the search term found? e.g., Twitter  
4. Who mentioned the search term? e.g., @McDonaldsFan  


Again taking the same brand you used previously, gather consumer posts reflecting changes in sentiment. Positive and negative sentiment are easy to interpret. Find sample posts of each of these as well as ambivalent posts.  How common do you think similar ambivalent posts are? How do you interpret them for the most part from the brand’s perspective?

Tool used Positive sample consumer posts Negative sample consumer posts Ambivelent consumer posts Thoughts & observations
e.g., HashTags e.g., “I’m craving #McDonaldsFries” e.g., “Just got #McDonaldsFries & they were too greasy!” e.g., “Anyone want my free coupon for #McDonaldsFries?” e.g., I believe the ambivelent posts are just everyday people saying what they feel and its fine. People aren’t always going to have extreme feelings toward a brand. At some point brands become part of everyday life, including the “ho-hum” moments.



Report on social media

Social Media Report for MARK526 Social Media Marketing

set: 19 April 2016                        due: 3 May 2016


Create a short report on your favourite social media, indicating why it is your favourite media, and how it can be used in modern social media marketing. Do you think your choice of media shows anything about your personality?

Describe how it can be used in social media marketing, indicating the types of campaign it is most suitable for.

Give a real life example of this social media in action in a current or recent social media marketing campaign.

Put your answer as a post in your class blog. Post the URL of your blog post to the comments section below.


Exercise 7 Pocket & Tumblr

Pocket is an online bookmarking application, that can seamlessly bookmark your interests across platforms. Using tags makes it an efficient way to note items for reading at a later stage, or for re-reading when doing research. Some browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, have an addin or extension for Pocket, making it very easy to save references from the browser toolbar.

Tumblr is a microblogging tool, which again, works across all platforms. It allows users to share media and follow each other’s blogs. A bit like Twitter, the dashboard shows a live feed of the blogs that you follow. It allows tagging, and a queuing system for timing the sending of posts.

Set up an account on both Pinterest and Tumblr.

Personalise your Tumblr account, with an avatar, header picture, title, title font etc.

Make sure your personal blog allows access to these and the other social media we have looked at.

In the comments section below, add the URL for each account, along with your student number and name.

my Tumblr