Note on Assignment 3

Note on Assignment 3

Please make sure your survey is accessible to all users.

Some that have been posted need user names and passwords. This is not correct.



Assignment 3 Conjoint Analysis

Assignment 3 Conjoint Analysis and SurveyMonkey

set: 8 dec 2016                 due: 22 Dec 2016

Ideas for conjoint analysis research:

  • Why did students select Near East University?
  • Why did students select their degree course?
  • Why do consumers select a certain supermarket?
  • Why do consumers select a particular brand?

You may suggest a different research topic, as long as it will fit with giving 10 questions of conjoint analysis style in Survey Monkey.

Write 15 to 17 questions that could be used in a conjoint analysis research survey, of the type where the customer has to select the sentence they most agree with and the one they least agree with from a set of 4.

  1. Create yourself a SurveyMonkey account. (change the language to English at the bottom of the page) Login and make your survey.
  2. Add a question to the survey using a group of 4 sentences from your sentence set. You will find the most suitable question type is matrix of choices only one answer per row
  3. Now add another 9 questions, making sure you use a different set of 4 sentences each time.
  4. When your 10 questions are finished save your survey, then add the URL of your survey to the comments section below along with your name and student number.
  5. Try the questionnaires of fellow students so that we all get data into our SurveyMonkey survey.

Your grade for this assignment will be from completing and having a working survey.

The analysis of the data will be a separate assignment.


The Survey Monkey web site

An example of conjoint analysis: conjoint-analysis