Finishing off the semester

Students please remember there are 2 tasks left before we can close up our class.

Firstly, you have a semantic analysis problem to solve:

This work must be presented on 5 May in class.


And for the final, you will present your media campaign

Remember, for the campaign, you will not “create” the campaign, you will just pitch your ideas.

This will be presented on 26 May in class.

NOTE: There is no class on 12 May or 19 May (public holiday)



Final Assessment – Media Campaign

set: 19 March 2017           due: 26 May 2017

The final assessment for MARK526 Social Media Marketing will be in the form of a presentation.

In the presentation you will relate a multi media campaign for a product or service.

The campaign will include at least 3 social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

You will present your campaign on 26 May in class.