Mid term presentations

This afternoon’s presentations

#MARK526 Social media marketing 

Sabina’s excellent presentation



set: 17 March 2017        due: 24 March 2017

Also, part of your practical work for this week is to set up a Pinterest Account.

Add a few boards, including one for study skills, and our study group MARK526.

You can find mine here:

kehowells study-skills

kehowells MARK526

Once you have an account, I can invite you as a collaborator on the board.


Assignment 3 – Social Media Monitoring

Assignment 3 – Social Media Monitoring

set: 12 April 2016                due: 26 April 2016

To understand the impact of your social media output, you need to “listen” to what your audience is saying, by analysing the data, and creating social media business intelligence. These insights will help you know your customers better, and improve your marketing strategy.


In this assignment, students will individually research the analytical tools for a particular social media channel. You will find your individual assignment below.

Research the different types of analytical tool available for your assigned social media type. Write a report on the tool(s), explain how they work, and what the advantages to using them could be. Post your report to your course blog, and add the URL of the blog post to the comments section below, along with your student number and name.

Make sure you add the hyperlinks to these tools, so we can all experiment with them.

Abier Faraj Abud LinkedIn
Ekin Sümer Facebook
Elizabeth Adekoya instagram
Gabriel Segum Snapchat
Imran Akhtar Vine
Iwuoha Henry Reddit
Joel Abah Abong google +
 Johnson A Olatuga YouTube
Shahzed Ahmad Tumblr
Shandrin Ndebele Pinterest
Usama Khan Twitter