Focus Group Assignment


set: 17 November 2016              due: 8 December 2016

*NOTE: A Focus Group Report is expected from this group work done in class

In the second hour of our Thursday class for Consumer Behaviour we will carry out some group work in the form of focus groups. Students will form groups of 3 to 6 students and will discuss the topic ‘social media’ as if they were a professional team of market researchers. One student will be designated group leader to ensure the group stay on topic.

For 40 minutes the group will discuss the issues of social media, likes and dislikes, the importance of social media in the day, ıt’s cultural significance, and if there is an international viewpoint as well as any sub-topics that arise in the discussion. It would be useful if some students could take notes or record the session.

After class it is the responsibility of the group to write up a report summarising the findings of the focus group. All members of the group should take a part in creating the report. Make sure your report contains the names and student numbers of all group members.

Send your report as a document or pdf to your instructor



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