Slides for MARK526 Social Media Marketing



One thought on “Slides for MARK526 Social Media Marketing

  1. ahmadsoufi says:

    Marketing and Social Media
    Ahmad Soufi
    1- the end-goal of any business is to make money, in one way or another
    The brand is the vessel of value in this equation. The brand justifies why the business matters, and what value its adds to people’s lives. The value of the brand is measured in terms of its equity – how aware are people of the brand? Does it hold positive associations and perceived value? How loyal are people to
    the brand

    2-Both the media landscape and people’s media habits have changed. There are many fragmented and highly specific niche communities at play across multiple digital media channels.
    At the same time, people’s attention is fragmented by the many new media channels and tools available – on top of traditional media, we now have social networks, emails, web tools, mobile devices and more splitting our attention. With so many choices and too little time, audiences have become very skilled at ignoring marketing messages.

    3-Digital communication tools make it possible to connect and build long-term relationships with customers.
    Digital marketing helps to create consumer demand by using the power of the interconnected, interactive web. It enables the exchange of currency but, more than that, it enables the exchange of attention for value. This is referred to as the attention economy.
    , the digital sphere is almost completely measurable – every minute and every click by a customer can be accounted for. In digital you can see exactly how various campaigns are performing, which channels bring the most benefit, and where your efforts are best focused.
    The benefit for marketers should be clear. While traditional media are undoubtedly effective, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what is working, how well it’s working, and why. Digital can help you pinpoint the success of campaigns down to the channel, audience segment, and even time of day

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