Strategic Management Assignment 1

Strategic Management Assignment 1

External Environment Analysis

set: 3 March 2016                            due: 17 March 2016

  1. Change within external environments is often caused by changing government regulations or legislation. Identify some government legislation, from the international community, that might affect Starbucks, and comment on the effect it could have on this international company.
  2. In performing a customer analysis, can we estimate the cost of  lost customer?
  3. One common way of increasing organisational flexibility is to diversify the product range and the number of target markets. What are the risks associated with this strategy? Have Starbucks already exhausted this strategy?
  4. What are the major opportunities and threats facing Starbucks?
  5. With further reference to Starbucks, how have they approached the buying decision process? What factors have they considered in creating a vertical chain of supply?

Send your assignment document to your instructor through email,, making sure you put “Assignment 1 MAN540”, your student number and name on the subject line, and on the first line of your document.



7 thoughts on “Strategic Management Assignment 1

  1. Dr. Karen E. Howells says:

    Hi Taqi. Read the readings, and one of them is about how Starbucks have bought a coffee plantation. That means they have power over the input to their own coffee, safeguarding supply and price. How important is that?


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